The following outlines the process of countertop replacement:


1 MEASUREMENTS – We’ll take square footage measurements of your project space(s) for the purpose of pricing the labor portion of your order and estimating total product need. This can be done in one of two ways: via a top-view drawing that you send to, or via a free in-home consultation. With these measurements we’ll provide a proposal for the labor portion of your order, and estimated stone costs based on your likely range of choices.
2 MATERIAL SELECTION – You’ll select your slab(s) based on the estimated material requirements from step 1. Our recommended local slab yards are listed here. We are happy to make suggestions of colors you may want to consider based on your desired color palette and budget, and we have an on-staff designer who can shop with you for an additional fee. Once you’ve selected your materials you’ll put them on hold under Amazonia Kitchen & Bath’s account.
3 PROPOSAL FINALIZATION – Once you’ve made all of your material selections we’ll send you a revised proposal with all labor and material costs included. You’ll sign, date, and scan it back to us and we’ll process a deposit of either 10% or $1000.00 whichever is less.  Deposits may be given via check or with any major credit card. We also accept electronic payments via Venmo or Zelle.
4 SINK, APPLIANCE, and FIXTURE SELECTION – Sinks, fixtures, and any appliances that will affect the countertop (such as a slide-in range or cooktop) must be on-site on the day of your countertop template, so you’ll need to select and purchase these ahead of time. We offer a variety of stainless steel sink options here and can also make suggestions for places to purchase fixtures and appliances. Once these items are on-site we will schedule your demolition (if applicable) and template!
5 DEMOLITION and TEMPLATE: 1 DAY OF WORK – Except in the case of new cabinets, when this has already been done prior to cabinet installation, your plumbing will be completely disconnected in the project area(s) and your existing countertop will be demolished. Crews will then make a wood template of your project, which will be laid out on the stone you selected in step 2. The stone will be cut, polished, and finished with the edge detail of your choice over the course of the next 7-10 days (depending on the scope of the project). NOTE: During this time you will be without a functioning kitchen, so it’s wise to plan accordingly.
6 COUNTERTOP INSTALLATION: 1-2 DAYS OF WORK, 7-10 DAYS AFTER TEMPLATE – Your new stone countertop will be delivered, installed, and sealed. Undermount sinks will also be installed and holes will be drilled for fixtures.
7 PLUMBING RECONNECTION: 2-4 HOURS OF WORK, 1 DAY AFTER COUNTERTOP INSTALLATION – We allow the seal on the sink to dry for at least several hours, and sometimes overnight, before plumbing fixtures are installed and all plumbing is reconnected.
8 TILE BACKSPLASH INSTALLATION: 1-2 DAYS OF WORK, 1-2 DAYS AFTER COUNTERTOP INSTALLATION – If you’ve selected a tile backsplash option, we’ll install, grout, and seal your new tile backsplash to complete your project.